Why Does My Car Have an Oil Leak?

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If you’ve asking Why Does My Car Have an Oil Leak? Then it’s time to schedule an appointment with us to have a look. If you’ve got an oil leak in Fresno, then Fresno Mazda’s friendly team of experts can help you to diagnose the problem and repair the problem with no hassle.

Finding an Oil Leak

A greasy brown puddle under your car when it’s been parked for a while is a telltale sign that you have an oil leak. However, many modern cars have shielding underneath the engine, meaning that you can’t rely on seeing oil on your driveway to diagnose a leak.

The best way to find an oil leak is to pop the hood and check your car’s engine. Your engine may be covered in oil, or you may be able to see oil dripping or seeping from parts of your engine. Smelling burning oil when you’re driving is also an indication that oil is in contact with hot surfaces, which is a good indication of a leak.

Why is My Car Leaking?

An oil leak is most likely caused by going too long between oil changes. When your car oil is contaminated by dirt or other debris, it can erode your car’s engine, gasket, and seals, leading to a leak. These systems degrade over time even with clean oil, but this process is sped up by dirty oil.

Incorrect installations or bad seals can also cause an oil leak, even if you’ve only recently had an oil change. If you’re a high-mileage driver, your engine’s gasket or oil pan can also be damaged by the expedited wear and tear of regular driving or rough road conditions, leading to an oil leak.

Is an Oil Leak Serious?

If you notice an oil leak, you must take your car to your local mechanic as soon as possible. Our technicians advise that you avoid driving long distances with an oil leak where possible, and if you have to drive anywhere, check your oil levels before each journey to avoid further engine damage.

Preventing Oil Leaks in Fresno

The best way to prevent an oil leak is to change your oil regularly. There’s no hard and fast rule as to when to change your oil, so it’s best to check your manufacturer’s recommendations. If you’re still not sure, then our expert technicians at Fresno Mazda can help you understand not only when you need to change your oil, but what type of oil that you need to keep your engine in great condition.

If you’ve got an oil leak and need an expert to get your car up and running again, we offer a wide range of service specials that can help you repair your car without breaking the bank. For more information, contact us today or drive down to Fresno Mazda for expert advice.

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Why Does My Car Have an Oil Leak


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