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Only the Fresno Mazda professionals can make sure your brake rotors last the distance for the best price. Whether it’s brake rotor replacement, repair, or brake parts that you need, we can service any make and model of vehicle, not just Mazda.

Reap the benefits of our auto financing solutions, browse through our parts specials, and get professional tips and advice from our experienced team when you come in for a repair or service.

What Are Brake Rotors?

Your brakes are located in your vehicle’s wheel hub, where you will find either disc brakes or drum brakes. In disc brakes, the brake rotor is the metal disc that sits inside of a caliper with brake pads located on either side of the disc. Drum brakes do not have a brake rotor disc, so checking whether your brakes have a metal disc is the easiest way to see which type you have.
When you apply the brakes, a series of hydraulic pistons causes the brake pads to clamp onto the spinning rotor disc, creating friction and slowing the vehicle down. Over time, friction, heat, and weathering can wear down your rotors, directly affecting the braking capabilities of your vehicle. This makes regular brake servicing and replacement a key aspect of your safety when behind the wheel.

How Much Are the Brake Rotor Replacement And Service Costs?

Although prices can vary due to the vehicle’s make and model, a complete replacement of your brake rotors and pads can be anywhere between $350-$1200 per axel, according to average US pricing trends.
Brake rotor resurfacing with new brake pads, however, can cost between $200-$400 per axle, provided that the rotors have enough metal on them to be resurfaced.

Resurfacing VS Replacing Your Brake Rotors

As time goes by, your brakes will wear down and start to make loud noises, and become less effective at stopping the vehicle. The good news, however, is that instead of replacing the entire rotor disc, if there is enough life left in it then our experienced team can resurface and repair your existing brake rotor, lowering your out-of-pocket costs.
If the rotor still has enough metal and has no cracks, rust, or grooves worn into it, then we can resurface it. Resurfacing returns the discs to a flat and smooth surface, putting an end to any noises they may be making while improving your stopping distance for a safer ride.

Signs That Your Brakes Need Servicing or Replacing

Although your brakes need to be replaced every 20,000-50,000 miles, their lifespan really depends on how heavily they are used.
Common signs which indicate that your brakes need our attention include:

  • High-pitched, metal-on-metal screeching sounds.
    This means that the brake pads have completely worn out and the metal of the calipers is carving grooves into the rotor. This should be fixed as soon as possible in order to save you money on new parts since deep grooves in the rotor mean that it cannot simply be resurfaced.
  • Squeaky sounds when applying brakes
    This can be due to material from the brake pads becoming stuck to the rotor.
  • Feeling jitters and vibrations when braking
    This is most likely caused by a warped rotor, which happens as the rotor is worn down and becomes too thin to maintain a uniform shape.
  • Longer stopping distances or veering to one side when braking

These signs mean that your brakes are completely worn or are unevenly worn and can become safety issues when on the road.
If any of the above is happening to your vehicle, or you feel that it is time to get a professional service on your brakes, then contact our team online, over the phone, or walk into the shop to schedule a service and check out our range of discounts that will lighten the load.

Why Quality Brake Parts Are a Necessity

Our experience in servicing and replacing brake rotors for all makes and models means that we know where to source high-quality parts in and outside of Fresno for a cheaper and fair price.
We all know that quality lasts longer, and since your brake rotors are such an integral part of your car, we know that balancing quality and cost will give you the best deal.

Fresno Financing Solutions

All of our automotive services come with Fresno Mazda auto financing options so you can get back on the road as fast as possible knowing that you can take care of your vehicle’s repair costs.
Our auto loans and leases are handled in-house, and you can get more information by filling out our online form or by dropping into the Fresno workshop and dealership so our team can answer all of your questions.

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