Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil Which Is Better?

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If you’re looking for a synthetic oil change in Fresno, you might be wondering to yourself whether you should opt for conventional oil instead.

Despite the price difference, synthetic oil is a far better choice for your car. Not only can it improve your engine’s performance, but you can even go longer between each synthetic oil change, saving you more money in the long run.

Our mechanics at Fresno Mazda are well-versed in understanding what oil your car needs, so make sure to drive down or schedule an appointment if you need more information.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil consists of a base oil, a carrier oil, and a range of powder additives. While most synthetic oils use highly refined crude oil as a base, others are fully man-made. However, the main difference between synthetic oil and conventional is that synthetic is more refined.

There are two main types of oil you can choose from for your synthetic oil change in Fresno – full synthetic and synthetic blends.

Full synthetic is highly purified, however, it might surprise you to learn that this grading isn’t regulated. So, while some full synthetic oils will have a synthetic base oil, others might use a highly purified mineral oil as the base.

Synthetic blends, on the other hand, are less refined, and often combine conventional oil with man-made elements like synthetic additives. These are cheaper than full synthetic but often have a shorter synthetic oil change interval.

At Fresno Mazda, our expert mechanics can help you find the best synthetic oil for your car, so don’t hesitate to book in an oil change online or drive down to our lot.

Key Information about Synthetic Oil Changes

When you’re looking for a synthetic oil change in Fresno, our team of skilled mechanics will perfectly match the synthetic oil they use with your manufacturer’s recommended viscosity index and pour point values.

The viscosity index refers to how much the oil’s thickness will change as it warms up. A higher number is better because it provides more protection to key engine parts.

An oil’s pour point measures how fluid the oil is at cold temperatures, with lower numbers typically representing a better quality base oil.

However, don’t worry if these values are confusing. By booking a service with Fresno Mazda, you’re guaranteed to get a cheap oil change in Fresno using the perfect synthetic oil for your car.

How Often do I Need a Synthetic Oil Change in Fresno?

One of the biggest advantages of synthetic oil is that it can go longer between oil changes than conventional oil. Because synthetic oil is more refined, the molecules are more uniform in size, which leads to less friction in your car. This friction is one of the major reasons why you need your oil changing, as debris and dust build up in your oil.

Some synthetic oil also has additional additives that can make it last longer, meaning that you can save even more money on your synthetic oil change in Fresno. Our car service specials list can help you find a cheap oil change in Fresno, too.

However, there’s no real rule of thumb as to how often you need a synthetic oil change in Fresno. In the matchup between synthetic vs. conventional oils, synthetic will last longer, but you still need to pay attention to how regularly you drive, the distances you drive, and your driving conditions to determine when you need a synthetic oil change.

Thankfully, most modern synthetic oil manufacturers will include a suggestion on the label as to when you should book a synthetic oil change in Fresno. However, if you’ve not chosen your oil yourself, make sure you ask our friendly technicians during your oil change when you should book in for your next synthetic oil change in Fresno.

Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil: The Benefits

Whether you’ve had a conventional oil change in Fresno before and you’re curious about synthetic oil, or your synthetic oil change is due and you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, make sure you know the benefits of synthetic oil:
● Operates better in all weather conditions
● Increased engine protection
● Reduced engine drag
● Service intervals are more predictable
● Better fuel and oil economy
● Helps clean engine deposits and internal sludge

We have a wide range of synthetic oils at Fresno Mazda, including high-performance, long-lasting, and economy ranges. To learn more about the synthetic oils we stock, please drop us a line or visit our lot for more information.

What if I’ve Had a Conventional Oil Change in Fresno Before?
If your engine normally runs on conventional oil but you want a synthetic oil change in Fresno, then our mechanics recommend checking your manufacturer’s recommendations. Alternatively, you’re welcome to drive down to our lot, and we’ll happily advise you about whether a synthetic oil change is right for your car.

However, most cars should be able to have a synthetic oil change in Fresno without any issues. For cars that have always run on conventional oil, our mechanics recommend that your synthetic oil change involves an oil with additional cleaning additives to remove any conventional oil deposits.

For an even deeper clean, our mechanics recommend booking a service to flush your engine ready for your synthetic oil change in Fresno.

Looking for a Synthetic Oil Change in Fresno?

Fresno Mazda is the best place for a cheap oil change in Fresno thanks to our wide variety of service specials. We know that looking for a synthetic oil change in Fresno can be stressful, which is why we’ve made our oil change service hassle-free with our online booking service. We’re even happy to take walk-in appointments, so if you remember on the road that you need to book a synthetic oil change, we’ve got you covered.

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Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil

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