Kingsburg Mazda

In May 2020 alone, Mazda sold almost 25,000 vehicles. This is an auto brand that’s had a stellar reputation for years now, so it stands to reason that when you’re thinking about buying or leasing a vehicle in Kingsburg, you’d want a Mazda.

If you’re looking for a Kingsburg Mazda, then the place you need to go is Fresno Mazda. Here are all the reasons why!

Great Financing Options

Whether you choose to buy or lease your Kingsburg Mazda, you won’t have to worry about high monthly payments. You’ll have plenty of options, such as terms of 12 or even 84 months.

The interest rate you’ll pay will depend on how good your credit score is. But generally, you can expect to get an APR that’s lower than the national average, which is around 5.76% for a new car and 9.49% for a used car.

We Offer Mazda Connected Services

Whether you’re looking for new or used Mazdas for sale in Kingsburg, if you get a Mazda CX-30 or 2020 Mazda 3, we’ll give you 3 years of Mazda Connected Services with remote engine start for free!

This will let you get a comprehensive look at your Kingsburg Mazda’s health status, as well as give you convenient remote services like:

  • Starting the engine
  • Locking and unlocking the door
  • Preparing the interior temperature before you get in
  • Finding your car

This is all possible through the MyMazda App. If you find that you thoroughly enjoy the Mazda Connected Services after your 3 complimentary years are up, we can always discuss plans and pricing with you so you can continue to enjoy these services on your Kingsburg Mazda.

We Run Lots of Specials

Here at Fresno Mazda, we already price our vehicles as affordably as possible. But that’s not the only way you can enjoy a fantastic price on your Kingsburg Mazda!

We run lots of specials, both on new cars and on used ones. When you combine this with our low monthly payments, you’ll be able to bring home a Kingsburg Mazda without breaking the bank.

We Have an Auto Shop

Not only is Fresno Mazda a car dealership, but we’re also an auto shop. Should you ever have issues with your Kingsburg Mazda, all you have to do is bring it by and our expert techs can figure out what’s wrong in a flash.

Our shop can also perform regular maintenance and inspections to ensure your car is running safely and smoothly. Services include oil changes, ordering of parts, tire rotations/changes, and more!

Get Your Kingsburg Mazda From Fresno Mazda

For those of you who are in the market for a Kingsburg Mazda, it’s clear that you need to stop by Fresno Mazda. We’ve got a large inventory, plus our prices are very affordable.

Whether you need a new or used Kingsburg Mazda, you’re sure to find the right one at our dealership. Enjoy great financing options too, on both used and new cars in Kingsburg!

Looking for a Mazda for sale in Kingsburg? Then browse our inventory and stop by Fresno Mazda today. We’re open 7 days a week!


Fresno Mazda is located at: 5499 N. Blackstone Avenue • Fresno, CA 93710