How To Read Your Mazda Check Engine Light

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Mazda Check Engine Light

7 Simple Steps How To Read Your Mazda Check Engine Light In Fresno Ca.

How easy is it to take our vehicles for granted? It’s just another day, and you’re driving to work when suddenly you hear a disturbing noise, and the check engine light flashes on the dashboard. Yes, it is easy to forget how valuable our vehicles are, but what an awful reminder when they go out of commission.

What are check engine light codes, and why should you care? To put it simply, they are automotive computer codes stored by the computer in your vehicle. The check engine light can represent hundreds of different codes that can mean many different things. Some may be minor maintenance issues, while others may be a big deal. Either way, leaving it unchecked will only lead to more significant problems in the future.

Do yourself a favor, don’t ignore that check engine light. There is indeed nothing more irritating than paying $100 for a mechanic to run a diagnostic test for what turns out to be a minor issue like a loose gas cap. However, what a headache when your car breaks down on the way to work, especially when you’ve been looking at that check engine light for weeks, and could have potentially prevented the problem.

How To Read Your Check Engine Light

So skip the middle man and the frustration and do the diagnostic test yourself with our fix finder service. Borrow an OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) reader to get more intel on what’s going on. It’s easy, free, and only takes a few minutes. Here’s how.

  1. Stop in to Borrow the OBD Reader
    Stop by and ask a Mazda Professional to borrow an OBD reader. We can also answer any questions you may have about the reader. Ensure safety is a top priority. The vehicle should be parked and turned off before initiating the diagnostic read.
  2. Locate the OBD port
    The OBD reader is a 16 pin connector that is generally located somewhere near the steering wheel. However, few cars will have the port in the center or on the passenger’s side, so reference your car’s user manual for specific details.
  3. Turn on the Car but Don’t Start the Engine
    Before plugging in the reader, ensure the car is on, but the engine is not running. For a keyless car, achieve this by pressing the start button twice but not pushing the brake pedal.
  4. Connect the Reader
    Allow the car to be on for five seconds and then connect the OBD reader to the connector. Ensure a secure fit so the reader can communicate with the vehicle’s computer.
  5. The Reader will Scan Automatically
    The reader should automatically connect with the vehicle’s computer, and the screen on the reader will say, “read.” The scan will take about 5 seconds, and the screen will read “done” when complete. Once the scan is complete, unplug the reader and turn off the vehicle.
  6. Take Note of Vehicle Details
    Information that is important for the scan is the year, make, model, and vehicle mileage. You will need this information for the diagnostic report.
  7. Return the Reader and Claim Free Diagnostic Report
    Return the OBD reader to your Mazda Professional in Fresno and give them the vehicle details. The Mazda Mechanic will print off the diagnostic report for you and recommend possible solutions for the check engine light codes.

Mazda Repair Serving Fresno, and surrounding areas

Fresno Mazda offers many car repair and maintenance services that may be the answer to your car’s diagnostic report. You can easily schedule a service to meet your needs on the spot should you so desire.

Don’t take your car for granted. As tempting as it may be to ignore that check engine light, the simple preventative measure of getting a diagnostic test can save you big in the future.

Taking control of the situation is easy and convenient. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind, and you won’t have to with our free Fix Finder service.

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