How to Get Rid of Squeaky Brakes For Good

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There is no sound more irritating than squeaky brakes! We’ve all heard that squealing noise when you press the brakes and wondered, is there something wrong? Or is that supposed to happen?

Squeaky brakes don’t always mean that there is a problem, but it can definitely be frustrating. Rather than taking a risk that there is something wrong with your brakes, we recommend taking some steps to fix them. Remember, though, that brake repair requires specialized knowledge, so be sure to reach out to the experts at your local Fresno service center for assistance.

There are several reasons why your brakes are squeaky – so keep reading to find out some of the primary causes of squeaky brakes and to address them.

Replace your brake pads

One of the most common causes of squeaky brakes is that it is time to replace the brake pads. Almost all brake pads are equipped with mechanical wear indicators that will notify you when it is time to change your brakes.

As you drive your car and the brakes experience regular wear and tear, the pads will start wearing down until they eventually reach the wear indicators. The indicator will make contact with the brake rotor once the pads have been degraded past their useful life, and this will cause them to squeak.

Regardless of whether the brake pads have just worn-down over time, are starting to become glazed, or have contaminants in them, replacing them may solve the issue of your squeaky brakes.

If you think this is what’s causing your squeaky brakes, reach out to our Fresno brakes experts to get a quote for replacing them today!

Lack of Lubrication or Rust Buildup

Lack of lubrication or a buildup of moisture and rust may also be causing your brakes to squeak.

For example, do you notice that your brakes squeak the first time you use them after you have not driven your car for some time? Moisture builds up on your brakes when you’re not using them, so this is normal – however, the squeakiness should go away after the few times you use the brakes.

The type of climate your car is exposed to, or even the type of breaks that are installed on your vehicle can make them more susceptible to moisture buildup. When this happens, rust begins to form and will cause squeaking as it wears off when you press the brakes.

You may also notice squeaky brakes if there is not enough lubricant on the brake caliper components. It is essential for there to be appropriate lubrication between the contact points on the brakes: the caliper hardware and the backplates.

Adding brake lubricant to these areas may be sufficient to fix your squeaky brakes. It is necessary to ensure that there is enough lubricant on your brakes because failure to do so can damage them over time.

At our Fresno service center, we can check your Brakes for you and determine if they need additional brake lubricant to prevent further squeaking and other mechanical issues.

Hardware Issues

If the brake hardware is worn and damaged, this may be another reason that your brakes are squeaky. This is likely the case if the squeak has progressively gotten worse and does not seem to go away.

Your brake hardware is spring-loaded, and this can lose tension over time – causing that horrible squealing noise whenever you hit the brakes. Another hardware issue could be that the brake pads are glazed as a result of hard braking or exposure to heat. Not only does this cause squeaky brakes, but it can also make them less effective which could be a safety hazard.

A brake job like installing a new hardware kit is inexpensive but needs to be installed properly to ensure that your brakes are working quietly and effectively. At our Fresno service center, we can install these for you and finally eliminate the irritating squeaky brakes!

Let the Fresno Brake Repair Experts Eliminate the Squeak for Good!

Ultimately, replacing the brake pads, adding lubrication and cleaning up rust, or installing a new hardware kit should help you get rid of those squeaky brakes. Proper maintenance on your brakes will also prevent issues with squeaking in the future, so let our Fresno brakes experts at Fresno Mazda verify that they are properly maintained.

Brakes are one of the most important safety features in your car, so besides the fact that the squeaking is annoying, the noise could be an indicator of a safety issue.

If you need help with identifying what is causing your brakes to squeak – schedule an appointment with our Certified Technicians.

Just let us know what problems you’re having, and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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