How Often Should You Change Your Cars Oil

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If you’re wondering “How Often Should You Change Your Cars Oil?”, read on to learn more and find out how Fresno Mazda’s oil change service can help. Every car user has a different idea of when they need to perform an oil change, but as technologies change, you need to be aware that not every car has the same oil change requirements.

How Often Should You Change Your Cars Oil

Unfortunately, the old rule of thumb of conducting an oil change every 1,000-3,000 miles doesn’t apply to cars manufactured after 2000. With new car technologies emerging all the time, every car make and model will have different requirements. That’s why it’s best to read your vehicle documents carefully to find what the manufacturer recommends.

However, you’ll also have to take into account your driving style, the conditions you usually drive your car in, and how often you drive when you’re trying to find out when you need to change your oil.

At Fresno Mazda, our oil change experts are on hand to advise you when your car needs an oil change based on its make, model, mileage, and how it’s driven.

Why You Should Change Your Car’s Oil

As your oil cycles throughout your car, it will become contaminated by dirt, dust, and other debris. When your oil’s dirty, it can begin to corrode the metal in your engine, increasing your chances of engine malfunction. Changing your oil is a vital part of regular car maintenance to save you the risk of potentially expensive breakdowns and other repairs.

What Car Oil Do I Need?

Everyone has their own opinions on what kind of car oil is best, and with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to understand which oil your car needs. Our experts at Fresno Mazda are always happy to explain which car oil is best for you, so if there’s any doubt, feel free to drive to our lot in Fresno.

The two main types of car oil that you’ll find are synthetic and conventional oil.

Synthetic Car Oil

Synthetic car oil is made from base oil, powdered additives, and a carrier oil that allows those additives to be evenly distributed.

Because this oil is more refined than conventional oil, the uniform molecular size means there’s less friction in your engine, which lessens the risk of corrosion and other engine damage during your car’s normal running. It also tends to function better in cold climates and extreme weather, making it perfect to withstand almost every weather condition.

Conventional Car Oil

Conventional car oil uses distilled crude oil as a base oil. Unlike synthetic oils, the molecules in this oil are of different sizes, which can mean decreased engine lubrication and an increased chance of internal corrosion.

However, conventional car oil is often cheaper and easier to find than synthetic oil. Plus, older and vintage car engines are often designed to be used with conventional oil, making it a better choice for hobby and low-mileage drivers.

Using Fresno Mazda to Change Car Oil in Fresno

If your car’s oil has seen better days, or if you want to talk to our experts about when you need to perform an oil change, then drive down to our Fresno lot and we’ll be happy to advise you. Our oil change service isn’t just quick, but we’ll also throw in a complimentary inspection of your fluid levels, lights, and battery, helping to keep you safe on Fresno’s roads.

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How Often Should You Change Your Cars Oil


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