How Long Does A Spare Tire Last

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Are you wondering how long a Spare Tire can last?

There’s no doubt that a flat tire can be frustrating. You might be driving along, eager to enjoy the rest of your day, only to find that one of your tires has gone flat. What to do? You may begin thinking about the spare tires in your trunk or start wondering about whether there’s a place that can perform a tire replacement nearby.

You might have driven on spare tires before and noticed that they don’t last nearly as long as a normal tire. Other people might be more used to finding a tire replacement as soon as possible, but either way: a flat tire requires Fresno tire repair professionals that know what they’re doing. Here is some more information on spare tires, the different types available, and how long they last.

Donut Spare Tires

First and foremost, drivers should understand the difference between donut spare tires and other kinds of spare tires. For those who are unaware, a donut spare tire is a much smaller tire and is meant to be used only to drive to the nearest Fresno tire repair shop. These spare tires also have less traction. Donut spare tires, for this reason, shouldn’t be driven in adverse weather conditions or for longer than absolutely necessary.

You shouldn’t be driving with a donut spare tire the same way that you would drive with another type of tire replacement. Specifically, no one should drive more than 70 miles on donut spare tires. Also, a vehicle should never be driven over 50 mph using donut spare tires, either. You may even notice that your car or truck handles a bit differently while using donut spare tires. If you drive too long with a donut spare tire, it can end up causing damage to your vehicle.

Full-Size Spare Tires

Many drivers might be prepared for a situation where they need spare tires, and they might even have full-size spare tires. Sometimes, new trucks and SUVs will come with these types of spare tires, and they can obviously come in handy. This is the kind of tire replacement that can give the drivers more peace of mind than donut tires, for example. While a flat tire kit might save you money in some cases, full-size spare tires can save you money and a whole lot of headaches down the line.

You can use these kinds of spare tires longer than a donut tire, but you will still want to eventually head to a Fresno tire repair shop as soon as possible. One of the best things about consistently using full-size spare tires is that you don’t have to worry about a “temporary fix.” This is especially useful for those who might not have the time to head to a Fresno tire repair professional.

Of course, you will need to have the kind of space and storage for full-size spare tires, and the lack of wear and tear on full-size spare tires could affect the way that your vehicle handles. This might be a more expensive form of tire replacement, but some might argue that keeping extra full-size spare tires is a smart move.

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