Dispose Of Old Car Battery

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Uh oh. You go to start your car and hear nothing but tick-tick-tick when you turn the key. You realize that the battery is probably dead.

How to Dispose of Car Batteries

Replacing a car battery is a common repair, but one thing many drivers don’t know is how — and where — to Dispose Of Old Car Battery properly. Can you just put it in the trash? If not, what do you do?

Here’s what you need to know about old batteries and how to get rid of them safely!

When Should You Replace Your Car Battery?

A lot of car owners don’t think about their battery unless the car dies. Of course, that can mean you’re late to work, have to pay for an expensive tow, need to rent a car, and have a host of other costly problems.

Instead, stay ahead of things by replacing your car battery every few years. Many battery warranties expire after three years, so that may be a good time. You can also get your battery tested each time you get an oil change, which will help you know when it’s getting old and needs replacement.

It’s important to get a reliable replacement. Consider Duralast, Duralast Gold, or Adelco Advantage. These brands have an excellent warranty and reputation for quality.

When you replace batteries, you need to know what to do with the old battery. Fortunately, there are a lot of good options.

How NOT to Dispose Of Old Car Battery

The number one thing you should never do is simply put a car battery in the trash or dumpster. The lead and acid the battery uses to generate power are a serious risk to your health and the environment.

You can’t afford to have these elements injure you, wildlife, or seep into the ground and water. Contamination can affect local drinking water, crops, and other parts of your community.

Instead, you need to recycle the battery safely. Whether you remove the battery yourself or have a mechanic do it, the next step is to recycle it properly.

How to Recycle Old Car Batteries

Dispose Of Old Car Battery is as simple as dropping it off at an approved location. Be sure to wrap the battery in a double thickness of plastic bag to protect your vehicle as you transport it.

Then, take your car battery to a mechanic like Fresno Mazda. We know how to safely and correctly dispose of batteries so that no one is injured and the environment is protected.

The best time to dispose of your battery is when you get a new one. During our battery replacement process, we will take the old one off your hands and leave you with the confidence that your car battery is well-charged, safe, and ready to go.

Get Your Car Battery Serviced Today

You don’t need to drive around wondering if your battery is about to give out — and always at the worst possible time. Instead, get your batteries in Fresno tested regularly.

Fresno Mazda would be happy to test your battery and give you an estimate of how much longer it may last. At the same time, we can do an overall maintenance check of your vehicle. You’ll have a good idea of what repairs are needed and how soon to schedule the fix.

To set up your appointment, contact us today!

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Dispose Of Old Car Battery


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