Are you looking for windshield wipers in Fresno?

Are you looking for windshield wipers in Fresno? Read on to learn everything you need to know.
Did you know that windshield wipers have been around since before the Model T? A “window cleaning device” was invented and patented by Mary Anderson in 1902 after observing her streetcar driver fighting to keep his windshield clear in the falling snow.

She was awarded a patent but her invention didn’t take off as she couldn’t get a manufacturing company to take it up. However, shortly after, cars started getting faster and more popular and windshield wipers became an essential feature.

Why Are Windshield Wipers Important?

Windshield wipers are a very small part of your car, but they play a very big role in the safety of your Mazda car maintenance and your overall ability to drive. Simply put, if you can’t see well, you can’t drive safely. Your windshield in Fresno must always be super clean.

Wiper blades help remove dirt, dust, water, snow, and any other debris that is blocking your view. To a lesser extent, they can even remove the guts from those kamikaze insects that dive bomb your car while driving.

As soon as your windshield wipers in Fresno are starting to show a bit of wear, it’s time to replace those wiper blades at Fresno Mazda. We offer high-quality Mazda parts like windshield wipers in Fresno that you can count on to do their job well.

Types of Windshield Wipers in Fresno

Conventional wiper blades consist of a bridge with articulated links that put between 4 and 8 pressure points on the windshield. Most new cars come equipped with flat blades that have a slimmer profile and flexors that offer uniform pressure along the length of the blade.

You can also get hybrids that combine the best features of each type of blade. They have a slim profile, are more aerodynamic, and offer smooth, quiet performance. At Fresno Mazda, we can help you choose the best types of wiper blades to clean your windshield in Fresno. We even offer coupons for windshield wipers in Fresno so that you can rest assured you’re getting the best bang for your buck when you buy at our store.

When to Replace Wiper Blades at Fresno Mazda

It depends on how often you use them, but we generally recommend replacing wiper blades in Fresno every 6-12 months. Definitely, when you notice them squeaking, skipping, or leaving streaks or smears, it’s time to head to Fresno Mazda for new wiper blades.

Not sure which is the best kind for your car? No worries! Our experts at Fresno Mazda will help you choose the perfect windshield wipers in Fresno for your vehicle.

Pick Up Your Windshield Wipers in Fresno Today

If you are concerned about your windshield wipers in Fresno, stop by and see us here at Fresno Mazda today. With a full selection of Mazda parts and various windshield wipers in Fresno to choose from, we have a solution to your windshield wiper needs.

Schedule service with a certified Mazda repair at Fresno Mazda today or contact us with questions. We’re ready and waiting to help!

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